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Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery (inc bitch spays) for neutering dogs

We want spaying to be as painless as possible for your pet dog, so we offer keyhole (laparoscopy) surgery when spaying/neutering dogs. Using our keyhole (laparoscopic) spaying equipment we can offer a full range of services for your dog, including neutering. We have a dedicated surgery theatre providing a range of keyhole (laparoscopy) surgery options for dogs, including procedures such as bitch spaying and dog neutering.

Minimally invasive keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery - what can we offer?

Westfield Vets, from our surgery in Somerset, are able to carry out many procedures using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, in addition to neutering procedures (e.g. surgery to help prevent bloating in dogs and other surgery in the abdomen or the chest.) As well as bitch spaying, we offer keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery services such as:

  • Spaying
  • Pancreas, kidney or liver biopsy
  • Twisted stomach surgery for dog bloat - Prophylactic gastropexy
  • Cryptorchidectomy - Retained testicle laparoscopy
  • Foreign body retrieval

Keyhole (laparoscopic) spaying

Keyhole (laparoscopic) spaying is a way of ensuring female dogs (spaying bitches) are neutered which results in less pain for your pet dog and a faster recovery after spaying.

Benefits of keyhole (laparoscopic) spaying for your dog

Keyhole spaying is a minimally invasive method of performing spay surgery. Laparoscopic spays are spays which are performed using keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery is regarded as a great option for neutering as it offers a faster spey recovery time for your pet dog or puppy. Dogs experience less pain, less post-operative infections or other complications when neutered using lap spays. These are some of the benefits when neutering dogs with keyhole spay surgery instead of traditional open spays.

Why keyhole (laparoscopic) neutering?

One of the most difficult parts of key hole bitch spays is keeping your bitch quiet for the recovery period once your dog have been neutered. With a keyhole spay, this is only a couple of days compared to the 10-14 days of a traditional spay. Laparoscopic spaying has many advantages:

  • Keyhole surgery is generally a safer method
  • A faster recovery
  • Reduced pain and stress
  • Smaller wounds, less risk of wound breakdown and less scarring
  • Less internal trauma as only the ovaries are removed (Ovariectomy)

Westfield Vets are highly experienced in keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, and have modern, specialised equipment and can offer this bitch spay service. Bitch spays are done through three very small key-holes rather than one large incision.

When should I have my bitch spayed / neutered?

We recommend spaying 3 months after the bitches first season. However, please feel free to discuss with our team about spaying before the first season, or at other times.

What other reasons are there for using keyhole (laparoscopy) bitch spays?

Keyhole bitch spays also reduces the risk of certain illnesses, such as pyometra (a common, life-threatening infection of the uterus) or mammary gland cancer once your pet has been neutered.

Keyhole bitch spays in Somerset.