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Smallholder Services

Whether run for profit or pleasure, smallholdings present a challenge in terms of the amount of time and financial investment they need. Westfield Farm Vets are here to help, using carefully designed small holding services offering support where our smallholder club clients tell us they need it.

With increasing numbers of people keeping livestock in small holdings it's even more important we are available 24/7 for any emergencies you may have on your farm. If you are worried about one of your animals please call the farm team on 01749 673239 or email westfield@vetsomerset.co.uk

As well as day-to-day work on commercial farms, our vets also have a keen interest in other farm animals, from pigs, goats and alpacas to ducks, geese and turkeys. As well as providing veterinary care for individual animals in your small holding, we are able to offer advice on preventative health care for small holders with backyard flocks and hobby farm herds.

Westfield Farm Vets cater for small holdings of all sizes and types and will tailor our advice and services to fit your circumstances. We feel that smallholders should have access to the same quality of care and service as commercial farms. Our farm team have many years of experience between them and can provide advice for all situations. We also talk to smallholders about the advantages of planning healthcare as opposed to tackling problems if they arise.

Smallholders Club

New members are always welcome, even if you don't use Westfield Farm Vets at the moment. Our smallholders club is the best way to access our smallholder services with the main aim of providing better communication between vets and smallholders.

Westfield Farm Vets small holder club services include:

  • General advice and treatment of sick animals
  • Annual health planning
  • Foot trimming
  • Vaccinations
  • Faecal Egg counts for worms (Worm egg counts / WEC)
  • Castration of lambs, kids, piglets, alpacas
  • Disbudding (goats/calves) / Dishorning
  • Informative newsletters and meetings throughout the year

Talks and practical courses to help smallholders learn, include subjects such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Housing
  • Parasite control
  • Lameness
  • Lambing husbandry
  • Common healthcare issues which could have an impact on their herd or flock

We are always looking for topics of importance to smallholders, so let us know if what you would like covered.

The club will be a great place to share ideas and knowledge from similar hobby farmers in your area and to get valuable advice from our small holding vets. We enjoy working with our small holder clients and their farm animals because of the many different types of animals we see and the varying needs of each client. For new small holder clients we provide a free visit to see your animals and discuss your needs.

If you are interested in joining the small holder club or would like more information, please telephone the small holder team on 01749 673239 alternatively email westfield@vetsomerset.co.uk

Smallholder vets covering the Mendips area including; Wells, Glastonbury, Street, Shepton Mallet, Cheddar, Wedmore, Somerset.

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